Registered Charity Number: 1149119



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Culture Connect is a registered charity based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne that supports people who are asylum seekers, refugees and migrants by offering an exciting volunteering programme.  


Culture Connect has two main aims:  


Firstly, we aim to promote the cultures of our volunteers through different community activities many of which are known as Culture Kitchen events.  The events aim to bring people from different communities together to learn about the cultures and backgrounds of our volunteers.


Secondly, we aim to support our volunteers in their skill development, integration and wellbeing.  These outcomes come as a result of volunteering as part of a team focussed on planning and delivering events and other activities.


What we believe:


Culture Connect and our volunteers believe that by bringing people together to share in cultural activities we can help create strong communities of trust, friendship and cooperation.


We are passionate about multiculturalism and believe that the diversity this brings should be celebrated.  


We are also passionate about volunteering and believe that people who are asylum seekers, people who are refugees and other migrants in the UK have a lot to offer and should be encouraged to play an active role in society.

Our Recent Fundraising Heroes 

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A massive thank you to Stefan Volkmann, Amy Northall and Lucie Glanville (all pictured) for your recent awesome fundraising efforts for Culture Connect.  


Good friends Lucie (a Culture Kitchen Volunteer) and Amy both ran fantastic times in the Great North Run on Sunday 11th September, whilst Stefan participated in the Birmingham triathlon in July.


Your support and efforts will make an enormous difference!  Everyone at Culture Connect would like to extend a huge thank you to you, and to those who sponsored you, for your hard work and generosity!


Good on you all!

Learn more about our work in this YouTube video